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The Paul Gillies Bible College Update

Up-Date  2013

Nestling in a quiet street on the outskirts of the bustling town of Narsapur in Andhra Pradesh you will find a tiny bit of heaven.  Its called Kathleen Home for orphaned children.  Here pastor Yesupadam and his wife Kumari lovingly care for over seventy children.

Eight years ago, after a visit from pastor Yesupadam to our church, eight of us made our first visit to India to see for ourselves this essential ministry and to support them in whatever way we could.

It was love at first sight!

We loved the sunshine and the rain. We loved the chaos and the crush of Hyderabad.  We adored the smiling gentle people of the great sub continent… but above all we loved the orphaned children of Kathleen Home.

Narsapur lies four hundred miles east of Hyderabad at the mouth of the mighty Godavari river as it flows into the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Throughout this verdant region, where coconut trees and rice fields stretch beyond the horizon, prosperity and poverty go hand in hand.  To the few to whom has come the blessing of prosperity, usually through the man of the house labouring in the Gulf states, their new-found wealth is visibly displayed in their beautiful recently built houses colourfully painted and all spic and span.  The majority of the burgeoning population however live much nearer to the poverty line in huts and hovels often built by the roadside on what we might term “no man’s land”.

Litter and laughter are everywhere but in the midst of the financial misery there is the ever increasing miracle of many coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet even today there are millions of these precious people who have still not heard the name of Jesus nor the Good News that He brings to all men everywhere.

The members of Victory Christian Centre supply new school uniforms and clothing for the children and financially help as much as we are able to make the life of the orphans and the widows as comfortable as we can.  For example we built bunk beds to sleep fifty boys who had previously slept on concrete floors.

Our biggest project to date was building the Paul Gillies Bible College in the village of Likhitapudi. We have already graduated thirty students and at present twenty eight new students are receiving their Bible training to equip them to preach the gospel and plant new churches in unevangelised villages throughout Andhra Pradesh.

We also train within the college campus young women to be skilled tailors and after twelve months, at their graduation, they receive a sewing machine enabling them to be self-supporting

The college graduates receive with their diploma a new bicycle that enables them to travel considerable distances to evangelise villages scattered across the region.

Over the last few years floods, drought and typhoons have caused damage and brought misery throughout the region.  A year ago we lost two hundred young coconut trees in our new plantation through a seven month long drought and now today I have learned that our rice field has been destroyed after being hit by a typhoon.  It really is a heartbreak and a massive challenge to us all.

Our first rice crop was ready for harvesting when the typhoon struck at the end of November 2013 and wiped it out.  That harvest would have fed all our orphans, widows, students and staff for three full months.  Now its gone!

Please pray for our work in India and as the Lord leads we would gladly receive any donations, no matter how small.

I think my call to missions was first aroused when at Sunday School we would often sing Reginald Heber’s great missionary hymn.  Perhaps the first verse will inspire you to reach out in faith with the gospel to other far flung lands beyond our shores.

From Greenland’s icy mountains,

From India’s coral strand,

Where Africa’s sunny fountains

Roll down their golden sands,

From many an ancient river,

From many a palmy plain,

They call us to deliver

Their land from error’s chain.

Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor Alex Gillies